Medical Intuition – Seeing with X-Ray Eyes

We are much more than a physical body and a thinking mind. We are electrically charged vibrational beings made up of energy centers and energy grids- a virtual hologram of aliveness.

Learn one of the newest tools in complimentary health care. See what sophisticated diagnostic exams cannot determine. Expand your psychic abilities to identify the core struggles leading to illness. Discover the mental and emotional components that affect the human body and detect disturbances even before they manifest as an illness.

Lay people without a medical background as well as medical practitioners, practicing psychics and mediums will empower their perceptive skills in assessment and promote health at the core level of one’s being. This is an experiential program without any performance anxiety. It includes presentations with a balance of hands on practice and includes 14 handoutsA certification of completion is given to each attendee.

Learn how to:

  •  Develop inner sight for the deeper cause of illness.
  •  Feel, sense and see the entire person on all levels.
  •  Perceive the aura by scanning.
  •  Understand the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion.
  •  Assess what vibrational colors are telling you.
  •  Do distance assessments with photos.
  •  Inform your client without diagnosing.
  •  Learn how to avoid legal concerns.
  •  Understand the ethical nature of this tool.
  •  Identify general areas and organs of the human body.
  •  Create a medical intuitive drawing for your client.
  •  Welcome Spiritual guidance in your work.

Day One:

  • How medical intuition is a learned skill.
  • Discussion of fear and its affect on the body and mind.
  • History of medical intuition and current leaders researching the capabilities of humans.
  • Lecture regarding the electrical nature of the human body, how it works.The electrical nature of thoughts and emotions and the affect on the body.16 Intuition Insights
  • Methods that medical intuitive information comes to us.
  • Ethics involved with the power of medical intuition.
  • Getting to know your own energy.
  • Guided meditations to enhance this skill.
  • What your personal intuition strengths are.
  • Many practice sessions set up without any performance anxiety.

Day Two:

  • Step by step guidance to access energetic information.
  • Basic anatomy made easy for the lay person.
  • Body, mind and emotion connections.
  • How to do a body scan and go beyond the normal reading.
  • How medical intuition is also a healing modality.
  • Many practice sessions set up without any performance anxiety.
  • Exploring your personal choices as a medical intuitive.
  • Certification of completion.

Day Three – Advanced Medical Intuition Training (Optional):  

  • Understand what to do with the medical information you are now receiving.
  • How to receive 6 common causes of an illness/injury.
  • Learn specific healing techniques based on the individual you are working with.
  • Practice sessions for healing.
  • Certification of completion for Advanced Medical Intuition.

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