speaking300Tina has delivered over 300 highly-rated presentations since 1998.

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Shorter versions are also available for conference or online seminars.

Become a Medical Intuitive

Learn one of the newest tools in complimentary health care. See what sophisticated diagnostic exams cannot determine. Expand your psychic abilities to identify the core struggles leading to illness. Discover the mental and emotional components that affect the human body and detect disturbances even before they manifest as an illness.Read More>>

Soul Signals: Empowering Your Psychic Awareness

Intuition and psychic awareness is not a guessing game nor is it magic. Statistics have shown that 97% of communication is non-verbal and does not come from facts alone. Intuition provides us with an abundance of information in every minute that we live. Living life at this level smooths the journey that stretches out before you.Read More>>


Additional Topics

Tina also frequently speaks on these topics:

  • Immediate Stress Relief
  • Meditation
  • We Never Die: Experiencing Your Past Lives and Discussion of Life Continuing

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After attending Tina’s workshop, I feed as if the sunglasses were taken off my face
–Doreen DeLisle

The size and energy of the group was great. The content was wonderfully organized and thought out.
–Bette M.


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