Mentoring Sessions to Empower Your Skills 

2014-05-06 11 21 10

Intuition is the ability to notice and to receive information that is all around us. The human body is an electrically based vibrational receiver created to pick up intuitive signals. Living in the modern world and relying primarily on logical thought processes, blurs our natural instincts.  We respond to the physical information that bombards us all day long, but we miss the more subtle frequencies of the Spirit realm.

Mentoring is my love and passion.

Mentoring sessions can be accomplished over the phone or in person. The focus of each session is to build and empower your personal abilities and skills. I do not have a set agenda for the sessions. Each session will be based on you as an individual and your wishes, needs or issues. The mentoring sessions can focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Medical Intuition
  • Reiki Sessions or Teaching Reiki
  • Psychic Skills
  • Mediumship Skills and Abilities

I HIGHLY recommend that you record your session because we will cover a lot in just one hour! You can send a check prior to the session or I can take your credit card number and run it through my terminal at the office or you can use PayPal. My account with PayPal is:

I am on Eastern Standard Time in the USA so we need to take that into consideration when scheduling. I use Skype for international sessions. My contact for Skype is:  Call my office to schedule an appointment at 260-417-5969.

I love assisting people in developing their personal intuitive skills and I would be happy to work with you for your own personal success.

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