The Reiki Teacher’s Manual

A Guide for Teachers, Students and Practitioners

by Tina M. Zion

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2008, AuthorHouse, 129 pages, Paperback (8.25 x 11)
ISBN 9781434355690

9781434355690_cover.inddThe Reiki Teacher’s Manual is setting the standard for Reiki education and instruction. This book is designed for teachers, students and practitioners.

Teachers: This book will enrich the classes that current teachers are giving and gives the new teacher confidence and pride when providing that very first class. You will never again be afraid or even worried about teaching a Reiki class or giving the attunement. You will be pleased and your students will be grateful for the rich content in your classes.

Students: The deep subject matter of this book guides the student to become an excellent practitioner. Students yearn for information and an understanding of what Reiki is about and what is happening during a session. The Reiki Teacher’s Manual provides a solid basis for that understanding.

Practitioners: Current Reiki practioners will have a greater understanding of how to apply Reiki and what is actually happening during a session.

The Reiki Teacher’s Manual is a precise step by step guide to all three levels or degrees of Reiki.

As a Reiki Master-Teacher, I continually search for tools that can easily transfer information about Reiki to my students. Since The Reiki Teacher’s Manual by Tina Zion was published, I have used this manual as a foundation for all my Reiki classes. The book’s layout, with each level outlined in a class format, illustrations that can be reproduced as handouts and recommended resources are extremely valuable to a new Reiki Master-Teacher.  For those who have been teaching for a while, one can expand the program format by incorporating their personal knowledge and experiences. Currently, I teach my Master Level class from The Reiki Teacher’s Manual and include a copy as part of the course. –Sharon K. Martin, Reiki Master-Teacher

I wanted to thank you so much. I’ve read lots of books and watched dvds and still felt incomplete with my skills. I have been told by several people to teach but I lacked the confidence. I was so happy to have found your book. So easy and simple and it’s the exact way my teacher set up her class…I’m very grateful for your book and you.   

–Ashley C.

I have just finished reading the first chapter of your Reiki book that you generously share with your online visitors, and I feel compelled to write to you to say how much I love the way you write, your intent, tone of voice, and the reverence with which you so clearly hold for this glorious energy renewal system. I have been teaching Reiki now for 16 years and it is a long time since I have come across a book that speaks so powerfully to me.  — Jenny   United Kingdom


The manual and its format provides you with:

  • A concise manual that is user friendly.
  • A quick reference to answer students’ questions.
  • Consecutive steps with time approximations to make sure you teach all the information and still have plenty of time for the hands on practice sessions.
  • How to get the most for your students during their hands on practice.
  • How to increase the power of your attunement.
  • How to teach the attunement to others.
  • Goals for different segments of each class.
  • Detailed descriptions and uses for the symbols.
  • 15 Handouts that are concise, informative and can be copied from this book.
  • Complete written explanations for each handout.
  • A list of supplies for each level and suggestions for your classroom environment.
  • Guidelines in opening your own Reiki practice.
  • Information regarding state licensing needs.
  • How to avoid issues with physicians and the medical community.


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