1. What is the primary focus that the author had in mind when writing this book? Did the author accomplish the reader’s personal hopes or needs in becoming a medical intuitive? Would you consider this book as spiritual, metaphysical, medical or self-improvement?

2. Has this book affected your life and if so what have you experienced?

3. Does this book focus on the author or the reader? Has the author provided enough convincing evidence to show that the reader has the abilities to learn medical intuition?

4. How would you, the reader, describe the tone of the writing in this book? Does that same tone continue throughout the entire book? Does the tone or the language take away or give to the goals of this book?

5. Does this book affect your future in any way? Are you experiencing any changes in your intuitive abilities currently? Are the changes worrisome or enlightening? What changes might occur in your future because of this book?

6. Was the author successful in creating a usable and helpful guide to build the reader’s confidence and performance? How probable is your success now after reading this book?

7. Does the topic of this book take you outside of your comfort zone? What would your family and friends think about you doing medical intuitive sessions?

8. What points do you remember in Become a Medical Intuitive? Do they stand out to you due to being helpful, enlightening, or interesting?

9. What will remain in your memories regarding this book? Did you learn something personally about yourself? Did you learn anything regarding other people in your personal life or learn anything about people on a global scale?