Terrified to Teach

I adore and love to teach groups of people in my workshops. The moments that people exclaim or even mutter WOW or AHA fill and expand my heart. I want people to realize and deeply know just how incredible they really are; I want people to know powerful they are: I want people to feel the sensitivities that they already have but are unrecognized.

My greatest surprise after all these years is how comfortable I am in front of a large group. I dropped out of college in my freshman year, because at that time, a speech class was mandatory. I signed up but when it came time for me to do a speech I ran out of the room sick to my stomach and immediately dropped the class. It was a few years before I could go back to college. Now I make my living standing before large crowds of people teaching about the non-physical realm and the abilities we have to connect in with the non-physical realm. I love the “aha’s” because only moments ago, those people were convinced they could not become intuitives or mediums.

Push yourself past those boundaries and blocks. They are self-created and we can un-create them too.