Empathy is foundational for the human race to sense the stresses, struggles and emotions of another human being. Without empathy we are walking, talking stone-like statues. It is empathy that stirs our hearts to assist those that are in need. It is empathy that gives us the ability is to recognize that those around us are human too with needs similar to our own.

Empathy can also hook us and bring us down to our knees if we take on the burdens of the world and carry those burdens on our backs as if we are the only ones who can carry it for the world. People tell me that they can no longer go to shopping malls or even the grocery without being crushed by all the problems around them. We cannot and are not meant to carry the weight of their burdens. We will eventually be crushed and consumed by it.

We are not meant to be crushed. The true meaning of empathy is to hold the brightest light for others. We are meant to illuminate the pathway out of their darkness. That is the true meaning of empathy.

Essential Point – Your energetic invitation creates radio-type signals into the cosmos.

When we pray or call out to Source we must choose our words very carefully. Every word we think has its own specific electrical frequency. That frequency vibrates outward into the universe. We need to take care that we use high vibrational words and the Universe can then respond with high vibrational help.

For example, calling out for help is very general. You may receive help but is it the best help from the most qualified level of the all the realms. Call out for God or call out for a guide who is a specialist for the specific help that you need. You will then directly receive a specialist for your issue.

A Special Reading From my Book “Become a Medical Intuitive” – Part 3

Today I have another special treat for you. I’m inviting you back into my home for a short reading of an excerpt from my book, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course. I hope you’ll watch it, share your thoughts and pass this video on to your friends.


Medical Intuitives!! Do not Diagnose

“How do I do medical intuition when, by law, I cannot diagnose?” I receive this question more than any other in my workshop, Become a Medical Intuitive.

Please, unless you are a physician, never give a medical diagnosis. I teach all over the world now and it seems that the US and other countries also have the same standards. Only medical doctors can legally label symptoms that a person may physically or mentally have.

Do you know what we medical intuitives can do?  We can describe and describe and describe some more. Here is an example: I discovered a cancerous group of polyps within my client’s colon. I did not say the word cancer. What I did say is this. “I am noticing a place in your colon right here (pointing to the location) that does not feel like the other parts of your colon. I see a dark lumpy and bulky spot about 3 inches long. It feels too full and cold while the rest of your lower abdomen is very warm. The energy is also quite low in this area. I want you to call you doctor today and insist on receiving a colonoscopy.” Please notice the difference between describing and diagnosing.

A Special Reading From my Book “Become a Medical Intuitive” – Part 2

Today I have another special treat for you. I’m inviting you back into my home for a short reading of an excerpt from my book, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course. I hope you’ll watch it, share your thoughts and pass this video on to your friends.


Essential Point – Intuition will ALWAYS feel like your imagination

We are all wired to naturally receive intuitive information. I grew up in an intuitively aware family. I thought everyone accepted their intuitive abilities until I began to teach my workshop. Become a Medical Intuitive: Seeing with X-Ray Eyes. I immediately found out that people constantly blow off their intuition as just imagination.

Make this leap right now…it will ALWAYS feel like you just imagined it, In fact, you cannot be intuitive unless you are able to access that frequency. That vibration contains the creative essence of the cosmos. It is filled with information for us to receive. This is where the wisdom of Source is. It is everywhere.

Ethics for Intuitive Practitioners

Ethics! What ethics could possibly be needed with intuition? I have heard that question so many times from professional intuitives.

Intuitive sessions (readings) are profoundly personal and even intimate. The intuitive accesses a person’s issues, traumas, secrets, conscious and unconscious life struggles and so much more. When we perceive the depths of this intimate information, we must care for our clients and their eternal stories by holding and guarding that intimate, innermost information. Ways to achieve high ethical standards:

  1. Do not “check in” with your client prior to their session with you.
  2. Ask the client for permission to access their energy field at the beginning of each session.
  3. Occasionally ask for permission throughout the session to help the client to maintain theiropenness.
  4. After your client leaves at the end of their session, do not share ANY information with your co-workers about the session.
  5. Do not tell anyone details about sessions unless you make sure no one can identify who you are speaking about.
  6. Do not misuse your energetic abilities to make someone do anything that “you think would be best for them.” They must participate and they must give their consent BEFORE you work with them and for them.

A Special Reading From my Book “Become a Medical Intuitive”

Today I have a special treat for you. I’m inviting you into my home for a short reading of an excerpt from my book, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course. I think you’ll be surprised by what you learn about the relationship between intuition and imagination. I hope you’ll watch it, share your thoughts and pass this video on to your friends.


Have You Ever Thought of Becoming a Medical Intuitive?

Life is a fascinating journey. I’m Tina Zion, and I’d like to share the moment that I realized that my life calling was to not only to become a medical intuitive, but to teach other people interested in fostering their skills as medical intuitives through courses and books… 

My closed eyes popped open in shock. I’d just seen a woman’s lungs like an x-ray machine! I saw the individual fibers and the alveoli (the tiny air sacks within the lungs) that actually appear as grape-like clusters. Inflamed orange-red filled her lungs, with the right side much more irritated than left. I could see darkened areas within the red. It was a few minutes before I realized that I was literally seeing inside this woman’s body, deep within her lungs.

I said, “Are you a smoker?”

“Oh yeah, I plan to quit soon,” she declared with a laugh.

We were surrounded by thirty or so other women, all taking a break during a weekend workshop. I was one of the presenters for the program but as I look back, I am no longer sure what the program was even about. I was simply shocked to know that I was seeing actual lung tissue. At that moment I became a medical intuitive. The retreat center and all the lively, talkative women around me just faded away.


Empowering Your Intuition – An Important Key!

During my workshops I often ask the students to feel their heart or their heartbeat. I then ask students to feel the energy in their chest, the rich aliveness, the fullness or the warmth in their chest. I begin with heart awareness because it is easier to identify those sensations than it might be to sense the energy of one’s gallbladder. Heart energy establishes a foundation of perceiving in a different manner. Once this foundation is established we begin to develop a sense of our energetic body.

Energy not only follows thought but it will also follow imagination. As you sense the energy in your chest spreading throughout the body, one can then imagine energy emanating out past the skin. Your energy will follow your imagination. This is an absolute key to psychic perceptions. As you imagine your energy projecting outward, upward, downward or across the oceans of the earth, your energy immediately responds to the expansion of imagination.

As you purposely direct your energy field an immediate response happens. As you extend your field out beyond the physical body it will seem as if your eyes are on the outer edge of your field. It will seem as if you are extending delicate sensors from the edge of your energy field. As you imagine your field extending in different directions you will soon realize the control you have with it. You are developing a partnership of mind, imagination and energy, all working together to perceive the unseen world. As you play with your field you are becoming the director of your deepest, most natural intuitive abilities.

Playful Steps to Direct Your Energy Field:

  1. Remind yourself that you cannot do this incorrectly. Feel playful with the following steps.
  2. Sit comfortably, breath normally and notice any sensations of warmth, aliveness or energy in your chest. Feel the energy in your heart and chest and how it seems to actually take up space in your chest, filling it from front to back.
  3. Using your imagination, send your breath down and all around the organ of your heart building up the glow of vitality. Remember to imagine.
  4. Now expand the energy up, down and all around within your body. Fill your arms, hands, fingertips, ears, hips, toes, knees and everywhere. Remember to fill your entire backside with energy too.
  5. Saturate your entire body until it can no longer be contained beneath the skin. Feel it radiating outward past the skin.
  6. Playfully push the energy two to three inches beyond your skin. Sense it following your intent.
  7. Now imagine your energy stretching outward like taffy or a rubber band. Send it outward to approximately three feet past your skin. Feel the bigness of your energy field.
  8. Expand and stretch your energy toward the corner of the room and notice everything that comes into your awareness from that viewpoint. It will seem as if you are in the body and in the corner of the room at the same time.
  9. Remember to feel in charge of you and be the director of your thoughts and your energy.
  10. Gently and playfully send the edge of your energy into the wall of the room that you are in. You are the director of your energy. Imagine being inside of the wall. Feel the textures; see the materials the wall is made of; smell the materials within the wall; sense it in absolutely your own way.
  11. Draw the edge of your energy back to you and rest a while, full of awareness.
  12. Now direct your energy field upward to the ceiling and hover there for a moment. Look around the room from that level of the ceiling.
  13. Gently push your field on through the ceiling, noticing everything about it as you do so.
  14. Next, send yourself on through the roof in the same manner. Sit on the roof. Feel it on your buttocks. Notice the weather of the day and look around. Notice everything from that vantage point.
  15. Stay on the roof and notice. Be deliberate, precise and aware. Be in control of what you do and where you go. Do not fly all over the place or go to a different area.
  16. When you feel successful on the roof, begin to gently pull your energy back into your body, making sure that you draw it all completely back into your physical body. You will feel complete when you do so.
  17. Repeat this process many, many times until you feel confident and in control.
With Lightness, Love and Laughter…………….