Medical Intuitives!! Do not Diagnose

“How do I do medical intuition when, by law, I cannot diagnose?” I receive this question more than any other in my workshop, Become a Medical Intuitive.

Please, unless you are a physician, never give a medical diagnosis. I teach all over the world now and it seems that the US and other countries also have the same standards. Only medical doctors can legally label symptoms that a person may physically or mentally have.

Do you know what we medical intuitives can do?  We can describe and describe and describe some more. Here is an example: I discovered a cancerous group of polyps within my client’s colon. I did not say the word cancer. What I did say is this. “I am noticing a place in your colon right here (pointing to the location) that does not feel like the other parts of your colon. I see a dark lumpy and bulky spot about 3 inches long. It feels too full and cold while the rest of your lower abdomen is very warm. The energy is also quite low in this area. I want you to call you doctor today and insist on receiving a colonoscopy.” Please notice the difference between describing and diagnosing.