Angela Kaufman Book Review

Angela Kaufman’s book, Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down, took my breath away!

When Angela Kauffman told me she had recently written a book I immediately offered to write a review for her. She sent it to me and when I opened it, her book truly took my breath away.

Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down, not only took my breath away but I kept hearing myself say “WOW” aloud throughout the entire book. I was pulled into its beauty. That beauty is interwoven within her words, the images, the enveloping potential of self-awareness and the easy structure to record your development.

This book is for all women who want or need to bring personal wisdom, guidance and empowerment into their lives when something or someone has emotionally or physically knocked you down.

You will find yourself and you will find your core empowerment as you turn each page.

You may see Angela’s striking YouTube video at

Invasion of Privacy

I was walking along at a “far out quantum physics” conference when suddenly the energy field projection of a living woman appeared before me. She stated her name, apparently introducing herself then she immediately shoved her energy into my abdomen!!! I heard her say, “Very interesting.” Then she pulled her energy back and was gone as quickly as she had arrived. My friend had told me about her a few weeks prior to the conference so I recognized her name. I was shocked at her invasion of my privacy and the privacy of my physical body too. I was also angry that I felt the effects of her invasion for a few hours after that.

The more we realize our true energetic abilities the more respectful and conscientious we must be. We must honor our human abilities as we learn we are creators and never invade another being.

Check Your Intuitive Ethics Please

* Never give a medical diagnosis to your clients under any circumstances. Only physicians are licensed to diagnosis.

* Never discourage people from traditional medicine. Medical intuition is truly a part of integrative medicine. All aspects of health are recognized.

* Inform your client regarding the intuitive information that you just received. Tell them with love and compassion.

* Receive money or barter for the spiritual work you do. We live in a material world and we need money or bartering to live

Where Are They?

On my own, I could not seem to find people of like mind. I looked here and I looked there. Nobody in sight………

Now I am so happy! I have just recently found a couple of people who I can share the important aspects of my life and they don’t get up and make a run for it. We all can share our insights, our differences and our own way of doing things such as healing methods, calling on Spirit guidance, travel and even cooking. The whole range of life’s activities and more.

I found them by calling out to the Universe to bring people to me that I can share ideas and ways of creating an enlightened life.

Terrified to Teach

I adore and love to teach groups of people in my workshops. The moments that people exclaim or even mutter WOW or AHA fill and expand my heart. I want people to realize and deeply know just how incredible they really are; I want people to know powerful they are: I want people to feel the sensitivities that they already have but are unrecognized.

My greatest surprise after all these years is how comfortable I am in front of a large group. I dropped out of college in my freshman year, because at that time, a speech class was mandatory. I signed up but when it came time for me to do a speech I ran out of the room sick to my stomach and immediately dropped the class. It was a few years before I could go back to college. Now I make my living standing before large crowds of people teaching about the non-physical realm and the abilities we have to connect in with the non-physical realm. I love the “aha’s” because only moments ago, those people were convinced they could not become intuitives or mediums.

Push yourself past those boundaries and blocks. They are self-created and we can un-create them too.

My Orb Experience

Orbs are showing up everywhere in digital photos.

I decided to tell you about some of my experiences with orbs. During one of my first stays at Lily Dale, N.Y., my friends and I took photos back in an old growth woods around midnight. We sat and meditated to raise and clear our own energy field and then randomly took photos using the flash and shooting in any and all directions. Usually we could not see anything in particular in the viewfinder on the back of our cameras but when we downloaded them onto our computers and enlarged them…oh my goodness! We had some striking orbs. We had faces in some and others seemed to have organized filament patterns and a couple photos looked like little fairies.

I WAS HOOKED ON ORBS! Covered in bug spray, I have photographed them now in my back yard and in my sister’s barn yard – yes, a barn yard. Last week I was back in Lily Dale and a classmate of mine named Dennis Farley (he gave me permission to give him the credit) got a couple of great orb photos around me.

Are orbs the faces of spirit or spirit energy or are they congealed electromagnetic energy from the Earth or are they blips from your camera? The best book out there is, The Orb Project by Ledwith D.D. and Heinemann Phd. Here a doctor of divinity and a scientist discuss their different thoughts about the rising orb phenomena and they include many of their orb photos also.

Here is a photo of me with an orb in Lily Dale New York. Let’s talk about this. Tell me what you think and if you have noticed strange circles of light in some of your photos.


Someone walked up to me in a store and told me that she just did a quick reading on me and then blurted out her reading. This was quite disturbing to me. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. She did not verbally or intuitively ask me for permission.
  2. There was no privacy in the middle of a store in a shopping mall.
  3. I did not ask for it.
  4. It was an intrusion to my body, mind and my energy field.

Take care of the abilities we intuitives actually have. This must be a respectful and intimate process.

Introducing My Videographer

Book Readings from My Home are truly recorded in my home office, sunroom, kitchen and living room.

My 13 year old granddaughter, Lacey is my videographer.

Together we tore up 4 different rooms of my house in order to make better lighting for my videos!

Then for hours and hours we worked to improve the recordings. The more we did this the more exact and creative Lacey became. See our photos and notice Lacey’s tripod!

How Do You Expect Intuition to Happen?

Your expectations are getting in your way. This is the greatest hurdle of all to overcome.

*If you expect intuition to come like a locomotive, you are missing the subtle ways it comes.
*If you expect people in spirit to look as solid as a living human you are missing the people in spirit that come to you.
*If you expect to see auras around people as solid, firm substances like a painting you will miss the fleeting transparency of the human aura.

Preconceived expectations create limitations for excelling as an intuitive.


Empathy is foundational for the human race to sense the stresses, struggles and emotions of another human being. Without empathy we are walking, talking stone-like statues. It is empathy that stirs our hearts to assist those that are in need. It is empathy that gives us the ability is to recognize that those around us are human too with needs similar to our own.

Empathy can also hook us and bring us down to our knees if we take on the burdens of the world and carry those burdens on our backs as if we are the only ones who can carry it for the world. People tell me that they can no longer go to shopping malls or even the grocery without being crushed by all the problems around them. We cannot and are not meant to carry the weight of their burdens. We will eventually be crushed and consumed by it.

We are not meant to be crushed. The true meaning of empathy is to hold the brightest light for others. We are meant to illuminate the pathway out of their darkness. That is the true meaning of empathy.