Check Your Intuitive Ethics Please

* Never give a medical diagnosis to your clients under any circumstances. Only physicians are licensed to diagnosis.

* Never discourage people from traditional medicine. Medical intuition is truly a part of integrative medicine. All aspects of health are recognized.

* Inform your client regarding the intuitive information that you just received. Tell them with love and compassion.

* Receive money or barter for the spiritual work you do. We live in a material world and we need money or bartering to live

Where Are They?

On my own, I could not seem to find people of like mind. I looked here and I looked there. Nobody in sight………

Now I am so happy! I have just recently found a couple of people who I can share the important aspects of my life and they don’t get up and make a run for it. We all can share our insights, our differences and our own way of doing things such as healing methods, calling on Spirit guidance, travel and even cooking. The whole range of life’s activities and more.

I found them by calling out to the Universe to bring people to me that I can share ideas and ways of creating an enlightened life.

Essential Point – The more you live your truth and live your dreams, the healthier you become.

An insight from Buddha –

The secret to health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

Terrified to Teach

I adore and love to teach groups of people in my workshops. The moments that people exclaim or even mutter WOW or AHA fill and expand my heart. I want people to realize and deeply know just how incredible they really are; I want people to know powerful they are: I want people to feel the sensitivities that they already have but are unrecognized.

My greatest surprise after all these years is how comfortable I am in front of a large group. I dropped out of college in my freshman year, because at that time, a speech class was mandatory. I signed up but when it came time for me to do a speech I ran out of the room sick to my stomach and immediately dropped the class. It was a few years before I could go back to college. Now I make my living standing before large crowds of people teaching about the non-physical realm and the abilities we have to connect in with the non-physical realm. I love the “aha’s” because only moments ago, those people were convinced they could not become intuitives or mediums.

Push yourself past those boundaries and blocks. They are self-created and we can un-create them too.