Ethics for Intuitive Practitioners

Ethics! What ethics could possibly be needed with intuition? I have heard that question so many times from professional intuitives.

Intuitive sessions (readings) are profoundly personal and even intimate. The intuitive accesses a person’s issues, traumas, secrets, conscious and unconscious life struggles and so much more. When we perceive the depths of this intimate information, we must care for our clients and their eternal stories by holding and guarding that intimate, innermost information. Ways to achieve high ethical standards:

  1. Do not “check in” with your client prior to their session with you.
  2. Ask the client for permission to access their energy field at the beginning of each session.
  3. Occasionally ask for permission throughout the session to help the client to maintain theiropenness.
  4. After your client leaves at the end of their session, do not share ANY information with your co-workers about the session.
  5. Do not tell anyone details about sessions unless you make sure no one can identify who you are speaking about.
  6. Do not misuse your energetic abilities to make someone do anything that “you think would be best for them.” They must participate and they must give their consent BEFORE you work with them and for them.

A Special Reading From my Book “Become a Medical Intuitive”

Today I have a special treat for you. I’m inviting you into my home for a short reading of an excerpt from my book, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course. I think you’ll be surprised by what you learn about the relationship between intuition and imagination. I hope you’ll watch it, share your thoughts and pass this video on to your friends.


Have You Ever Thought of Becoming a Medical Intuitive?

Life is a fascinating journey. I’m Tina Zion, and I’d like to share the moment that I realized that my life calling was to not only to become a medical intuitive, but to teach other people interested in fostering their skills as medical intuitives through courses and books… 

My closed eyes popped open in shock. I’d just seen a woman’s lungs like an x-ray machine! I saw the individual fibers and the alveoli (the tiny air sacks within the lungs) that actually appear as grape-like clusters. Inflamed orange-red filled her lungs, with the right side much more irritated than left. I could see darkened areas within the red. It was a few minutes before I realized that I was literally seeing inside this woman’s body, deep within her lungs.

I said, “Are you a smoker?”

“Oh yeah, I plan to quit soon,” she declared with a laugh.

We were surrounded by thirty or so other women, all taking a break during a weekend workshop. I was one of the presenters for the program but as I look back, I am no longer sure what the program was even about. I was simply shocked to know that I was seeing actual lung tissue. At that moment I became a medical intuitive. The retreat center and all the lively, talkative women around me just faded away.