Inspired Action

We take some type of action every moment of our lives but is it inspired action? Everything that we do, or not do, is some form of action. Each and every thought is actually an action. Each thought is a movement and flow of energy. When you walk across a room, accept a job offer or call someone for a date, you are taking action. Our lives are made up of constant movement and constant activity. Even if you decide to stay home that day your decision was an action. Sitting still and looking out the window or filling the dishwasher in the morning or choosing to fill it in the afternoon is a chain of thought, decision, movement and activity.

For over 3 years, no matter what I was doing, my inner voice kept saying, “You’ve got to write this book.” To that voice I would respond, “I know, I know but I have a full time career as a counselor. I have to run my company. I have grand-kids. The grass hasn’t been mowed for 2 weeks. I don’t have time to write a book.” Year after year, that voice continued in the back of my mind and the yearning continued in my heart. The demands of our lives grow, while our heart’s desires begin to fade away. What would happen if you allowed yourself to notice the tug within your heart and take that inspired action?

Each time I thought of taking time off to write my book, my heart soared and I had a smile on my face. The frown came next as I wondered how on earth I would manage life’s responsibilities. I now know, when you make the decision to follow your heart, all the pieces begin to fall into place. It’s as if the Universe sighs in relief, and lines up the right people, places and things for you to follow your dreams. You must consciously make the decision to follow your inspiration. This sigh of relief echoes and reverberates across the cosmos because you finally listened to your soul’s intention. You have lined up your physical life on Earth with the higher path of your soul. You have allowed the two to blend naturally.

I closed my office, bought a laptop, turned my dining room into my studio/office and began to write. I wrote for hours and hours each day. I typed until I felt seasick watching the computer screen. Throughout the day I looked out my window watching the birds at the feeder or the occasional deer as it passed by. The house is so quiet and I am so at peace.

I wrote down everything I knew about Reiki and all that I have been teaching for the last 15 years. I stopped the hectic activities of my other life and followed my heart. I took inspired action. My book, entitled The Reiki Teacher’s Manual: A Guide for Teachers, Students and Practitioners, was published in 2008 and is read worldwide now. My life changed and the world opened up in so many ways.

Follow your own inspiration and watch as your life actually begins to assist you, step by step by step…………

In Light, Love and Laughter…………….
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Excerpt #3 from My Next Book – Soul Signals

I have always been aware of spirits living around me, of auras around people and psychic information abound. It used to terrify me as well when spirits would knock on my second story bedroom window in the night.  I would jump out of bed and run screaming down the stairs, trying not to see who was knocking at my window.  As I walked down our country road in broad daylight I would frequently see my uncle driving by in his old white station wagon, waving at me with a big smile on his face.  He had been dead for at least a year!

I would be terrified one minute but intrigued the next. We lived on a fifty acre farm far from other neighbors.  At night, after my parents and siblings were sound asleep, I would roam around the yard and into the barn.  I experienced a great deal of peace in the quiet of the night.  The dogs, cats and my horse would rub his head up and down on my belly. I could see a Spirit person behind the barn.  He was a tall, thin man, hands in his pockets, looking out across the fields.  He never paid any attention to me and it never occurred to me to disturb him either.

Excerpt #2 from My Next Book – Soul Signals

My sister tends to get her clear information through her dreams. She prays and asks many questions during the day and then receives direction in her sleep. Family members who have passed on arrive in her dream, talk to her or show her images. Her children have seen ghosts for as long as I can remember and now their children report having contact with spirits. My son has seen his dead cousin and always knows exactly the moment that I am thinking of him. When I “vibe” him (that is what my family calls intuition) he calls me on the phone in response to my psychically contacting him. My daughter has contact with her Grandmother, my Mother, by seeing signs that only could mean my Mother.

Excerpt #1 from My Next Book – Soul Signals

I grew up in a family that took psychic abilities for granted. Nearly everyone, on both sides of my family, readily has experiences of psychic phenomenon. Family gatherings often gravitate toward discussions of who has seen or received communication from one of our dead relatives. At the time of this writing my family had just gathered for Thanksgiving dinner the night before. As we sat digesting our enormous dinner my niece blurted out for all to hear, “Has anyone recently had increased Spirit activity more than usual since October?”

I didn’t think anything about this question as we all jumped in with our latest Spirit experiences but my guests, who did not grow up in this environment, later told me how unusual this discussion was for them. This was a good reminder that my family is not the norm. My family incorporates the Spirit world into their lives and expects contact with our departed loved ones and expects intuitive information to help guide them in their lives. It is the norm for us.

My niece continued to describe a male presence in the hallway just outside of the children’s bedroom. Her sister then stated that a little decorative butterfly that her Great-Grandmother had attached to her candles suddenly appeared on the dresser under her car keys, then disappeared for a day and then reappeared the next day. It quickly progressed or regressed to memories of long ago. My sister was awakened by the Spirit of our Grandmother tapping on her hip and then my sister received a call that her daughter was in labor. My nieces then told one of their childhood stories of the Spirit of a little girl named Claudia who tickled their toes or went up and down the staircase or woke them up by staring at them, her chin resting on her arms on the edge of the bed. The family laughed when someone remembered that my Father had to unhook both the front and the back doorbell because the Spirit of my uncle kept ringing it in the night. We laughed and cried as the stories went on.