How I developed my new book, Become a Medical Intuitive

After many years as an energy worker I became a very accurate medical intuitive. The more accurate I became the more thoughts I had about writing a book about it. I began to examine my internal processes and then I examined the process that took place with my clients during a session. Over and over again, for many months, I watched as a neutral, fascinated observer. I took note of each tiny detail as it happened. I noticed the first moment of contact with the person I was about to assist.

I questioned myself throughout the process: What am I feeling? What is going on now? How does it feel when I experience another’s energy field so intimately? What happens within my own body? How do I hone in, receiving the pure essence of this person’s medical issue? Through what sense does the information come through? Did I see it, feel it, hear it, smell it, or did the information come in waves of knowing or waves of instant thought? I then began to log the progression of many sessions and my insights that evolved during those special times with people. That log became the foundation for this book and the outline for my weekend workshop. Medical intuition and energy medicine works not just in treating illness but in healing illness. These modalities can work in conjunction and in harmony with our medical system.

Book cover

Medical Intuition Video #1: The Underlying Story

In the first of her series of short videos on Medical Intuition, Tina introduces the concept that we are all wired to become a medical intuitive.