Self Hypnosis: Achieving Your Personal Goals

Cyndi Sylva, through her nationally known website, offers teleconferences and classes for the spiritually minded. Through Metaphysical Wisdom I have recently presented Self Hypnosis: Achieving Your Personal Goals and had attendees from all over the country, including Hawaii. This is a complete class in how to use self-hypnosis for reaching your personal goals that also includes a hypnosis session and a script to create your own life goals. Cyndi received such wonderful responses to this class that we have decided to offer it to others. You can check out the details of this class at my site:

Many blessings to each of you……Tina Zion


My October Newsletter: Just for a Moment

I find myself always speaking to people about noticing. It is key to increasing our intution and our psychic abilities. I make a huge distinction between noticing and working hard at something. This newsletter describes how to enhance awareness by noticing everything around you. If it touches you today please send it on to someone else who will appreciate it. Many blessings to you…………Tina Zion

Medical Intuition Tips at the Michiana Paranormal Expo.

I just got back last night from presenting at the 1st Annual Michiana Paranormal Expo. I was amazed at the turn out for this expo. since it was the first one! I gave mini medical intuition readings and at the same time I drew a picture of what appeared in their energy field. I was delightfully swamped! I was still giving readings until after 10pm while the conference center crew was tearing down the booths all around me!

I also gave an hour long presentation about medical intuition to an audience of nearly 50 people. I offered 4 tips and here is one of them:

1. Stop trying so hard to be psychic or intuitive. When we try hard to be psychic, our left brain, which is the analytical detailed brain, simply gets into the way. Get a sense of the difference right now when I ask you to try real hard to do something…………………..                                                                                                          Now be aware of what you sense when I ask you to simply notice. There is a huge difference between trying hard and noticing. Noticing is gentle and even passive. When you notice absolutely whatever comes in, you are placing yourself into a receiving mode rather than a doing mode. Intuition is simply information coming in to you from the universe. Stop and notice it now…………..

Many blessings forever……………..Tina Zion