More About Orbs

People are beginning to tell me that they have deleted many photographs over the years that they thought were messed up due to weird lights or streaks in them. Let’s begin to look for these this phenomena and stop deleting it!!!!!

Over the last year I have learned more about orbs. Here are some of the things I have noticed and I hope this information will assist you in photographing your own orbs.

1. Sit outdoors and take time to meditate or pray. I have found that raising our energy actually attracks them. Make sure you are feeling delighted, happy and appreciative on the day that you are going to photograph them. The energy of happiness seems to attract them more strongly. Look for them in group photos such as weddings, meditations etc.

2. Actually ask the orbs, in your mind, to show themselves to you..Then wait for a few minutes to give them time to respond.

3. Point your digital camera in any direction that you are drawn to. Notice the feeling of being drawn or attracted to a certain direction and take some photos in that direction. Then wait until you feel drawn again.

4. Do not delete any photos from your camera until you see them enlarged on your computer. Also enlarge any little dots of light as well. Enlarging a small bright dot of light is how I came across the form of a faerie.

5. Enlarge all orbs on the computer and look for designs similar to mandalas and also look for faces.

5. True orbs will be bright as if lit from within and the light seems to shine outward, while dust particles will be a dull grey color.

Pick up the book called The Orb Project for more great images and to read about the study of orbs. I am convinced that we are receiving manifestations of the spirit realm in these images.

Many blessings…………..Tina Zion



My Orb Experiences

Orb at Lily Dale. Courtesy of Dennis Farley

Orbs are showing up everywhere in digital photos.

I decided to tell you about my recent experiences with orbs. During one of my first stays at Lily Dale, N.Y., my friends and I took photos back in an old growth woods around midnight. We sat and meditated to raise and clear our own energy field and then randomly took photos using the flash and shooting in any and all directions. Usually we could not see anything in particular in the viewfinder on the back of our cameras but when we downloaded them onto our computers and enlarged them…oh my goodness! We had some striking orbs. We had faces in some and others seemed to have organized filament patterns and a couple photos looked like little fairies.

I WAS HOOKED ON ORBS! Covered in bug spray, I have photographed them now in my back yard and in my sister’s barn yard – yes, a barn yard. Last week I was back in Lily Dale and a classmate of mine named Dennis Farley (he gave me permission to give him the credit) got a couple of great orb photos around me.

Are orbs the faces of spirit or spirit energy or are they congealed electromagnetic energy from the Earth or are they blips from your camera? The best book out there is, The Orb Project by Ledwith D.D. and Heinemann Phd. Here a doctor of divinity and a scientist discuss their different thoughts about the rising orb phenomena and they include many of their orb photos also.

I will soon be adding an orb page on my website but for now here are a couple of photos that I have of orbs. Let’s talk about this. Tell me what you think and if you have noticed strange circles of light in some of your photos.

Many blessings…….Tina Zion